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Enter TAO quantity and price to calculate staking returns

The APR is based on the total validator emissions for ALL validators across the network and does not take into account differences in validator performance or subnet allocation. The APR does not calculate compounding as it would be a false metric to provide APY based on declining APR.

Staking APR follows the same conditions as the validator APR but also applies the 18% validator commission.

0.00τ $0.25
0.02τ $7.60
0.00τ $0.20
0.01τ $6.23
0.15τ $74.79



It is possible to earn TAO is through mining, validating or delegating stake. Mining and validating require running a CPU or GPU server and further knowledge to ensure your miner/validator stays online consistently and remains competitive.


Since there is a knowledge barrier to mining, unlike BTC or ETH mining, you must first learn to fine tune AI models in order to remain competitive on the network. Please see the Resources and also docs.taostats.io/fine-tuning-examples-mining for more information on mining and fine tuning examples.


Validating, whilst not requiring any knowledge beyond the setup of the validator on a Linux server, does have a financial barrier to entry as there is a minimum TAO requirement to be in the allotted number of network validators to successfully receive rewards. Validators must also run different servers with varying requirements across multiple subnets in order to earn the maximum amount of dividends and attract delegated stake from nominators to increase their overall stake and priority in the network. Please see docs.taostats.io/information-for-validation and Resources for more information on validating.


Since the successful launch of the Finney network, users are able to delegate a stake to any validator for a share of the validation rewards (a fixed commission of 17.99% will be applied to all delegations).

This enables all holders of the TAO token to earn passive income rewards regardless of the size of their holdings. It is intended to encourage users to delegate to the Foundation validator or support the projects and teams promoting the growth of the network.

It is possible to delegate to any active validator who has elected to receive nominations.

In order to stake (delegate) your Tao you must nominate it to a validator. There are a number of ways to do this through a command line installation of Bittensor, using PolkadotJS, but the simplest is using our Delegation App provided by TaoStats.

You can see a list of all Verified Validators and their details and hotkeys here.