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Useful tools for Bittensor

  • Polkadot Wallet - Polkadot Wallet for the TAO token
  • Bittensor Oracle - Bittensor chain explorer Tool to check recent blocks and account status
  • - Builders and code snippets for Bittensor node operators
  • Tensor Wallet - Bittensor Wallet by Developer Cameron Fairchild
  • Tensor Ping - Tool to ping your Bittensor server, check balance. Faucet for test tokens.
  • TAO Stats Website - Metagraph UID data, ranking, staking, buying, knowledge and resources.


Where to buy TAO token

  • Bittensor Exchange - Bittensor third-party exchange - not affiliated with Bittensor/Tao Team
  • TAO OTC Discord Channel - OTC (Over the Counter) Discord Server to trade TAO - not affiliated with Bittensor/Tao Team
  • wTAO on Uniswap - Trade wTAO on Uniswap against any supported ERC-20 token.
  • - Bridge your TAO back and forth to the Ethereum network using taobridge


Links to community created content and groups


Links to useful videos and tutorials


Links to useful articles and Twitter threads


Links to podcast episodes of interviews with the Bittensor team

Thanks to @xibumi for creating the 'awesome-bittensor' repo on github from which this information was taken.