*The price displayed above is an average daily value aggregated across all markets (OTC, Exchange, wTAO, MEXC) and is intended as a historical guide only.


The wait is over, native TAO is now available to trade on a CEX.

Place orders of any value and size and use all of the trading functionality you would expect from an exchange.

Of course we recommend never leaving your Tao on an exchange, don't forget, not your keys, not your coins.

Trade on MEXC →

An order book based exchange owned and operated by a trusted community member. You can either set buy orders and amounts at a price of your choosing, or accept and complete existing sell orders.

Currently all trades are done in BTC with the exchange taking a 0.5% fee for all trades. There is a tensor.exchange Discord server where you can engage in price discussion and learn more about the exchange.

tensor.exchange is not affiliated with the Opentensor Foundation.

tensor.exchange →
Uniswap (wTAO)

Thanks to taobridge.xyz you can now trade wTAO on Uniswap against any supported ERC-20 token.

In order to convert wTAO to TAO and vice versa you must use taobridge.xyz at your own risk.

Uniswap is not affiliated with the Opentensor Foundation.

wTAO on Uniswap →

It is now possible to bridge your TAO back and forth to the Ethereum network using taobridge. This community created project was made possible by the same person who created the OTC Discord trading bot and means that it is now possible to trade TAO on Uniswap.

Please read the bridge disclaimer, understand the risks and refrain from storing wTAO in large quantities and bridge back to mainnet when possible.

taobridge.xyz is not affiliated with the Opentensor Foundation.

taobridge.xyz →

The original discord OTC discord server is now CLOSED. It did what it needed to do and now it is best if all liquidity flows through exchanges.

A big shout out to all the middles who tirelessly facilitated every trade and made so much of this possible. We leave this here as a salute to you.